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Calendar Important Dates

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12/19/22 (Mon) to
01/08/23 (Sun)

No classes/Studio closed

03/26/23 (Sun) to
04/09/23 (Sun)

No classes/Studio closed

05/29/23 (Mon)

No classes/Studio closed

06/03/23 (Sat)

Competition Team Auditions

06/12/23 (Mon) to
06/17/23 (Sat)

Recital Week

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Full Calendar Details


Levels Assessment and Pickup:


This is a week of opportunity where our dancers get to show off what they have learned all year! It's a fun week intended to celebrate the progress that has been made.

Skills Charts will be available for Pickup in the front office starting on May 15th.

  • If your child has mastered all skills, you will receive a recommendation to move up.

  • If your child has not mastered all skills, you will receive a recommendation for your child's current level and additional classes that they may need to improve.

Class Recommendations for the following dance season are passed out after skills week takes place. Our faculty puts a lot of time and thought into each child's recommendation. We encourage you to keep your recommendations personal and discuss with your child privately rather than in front of other students and friends.

*Please remember that many students spend at least two years in every program level. This is absolutely OK!

In your dancer's first to second year, they are considered a LEARNER

In your dancer's second to third year, they are considered a LEADER

Every dancer’s journey is completely unique – your dancer may progress at a different rate as their classmates.


What is most important to us is situating your child in a position where they are challenged, but not overwhelmed, and set up to succeed.


Early Registration:


We work to make things as easy and simple for everyone! For your convenience, annual registration fees will automatically be renewed and applied to your account on June 1st, unless a Registration Change Form is completed (which can be retrieved at the front desk).

Once your annual registration has been renewed on June 1, you will be able to select your dancer’s classes for the NEXT dance season!

Let the EARLY ENROLLING begin!

If you early enroll at All The Above:

  1. You receive priority access to class enrollment for the next season. You get your first choice in classes before they fill up!

  2. You will have access to a priority ticketing window for purchasing tickets for All The Above's Annual Recital!

  3. You will be able to select your classes before enrollment opens to the public! Get your first choice and plan ahead!

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