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Competition Team

Ages 5+

  • Team & goal oriented

  • Compete 3-5x a year

  • Summer auditions required to be placed on one of our award-winning teams!

Welcome to the Competition Team Page.  The All the Above Dance Company (ATADC) family welcomes you and your dancer to our competition family.  We the dancers, faculty and staff of ATADC are a vibrant community of people who have a high regard for each other, the art of dance, and the respectability and value of the work we do.  All who participate are requested to demonstrate the willingness to be held accountable to uphold the values and ethics we declare as the fundamental guidelines of the competition team.  In all our endeavors to study and perform as an expression of our love of dance, we show respect to the parents, our peers, and the staff and faculty of ATADC and all the wider dance community, including our competition.  We consider it a privilege to participate in the worldwide community for the performing art of dance exemplifying the values of:

  • Integrity

  • Character

  • Leadership

  • Responsibility

  • Professionalism

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Tryouts for the ATADC Competition teams are held in late May/early June and allow the instructors to see all new and returning dancers dance together so they can evaluate the technique levels of all dancers.  Groups are based on performance and technical abilities, so your dancer may not be with his/her friends.  During tryouts, dancers will be asked to show ballet and jazz technique as well as ballet barre.  There are optional try-outs for other dance styles including Tap.

ATADC Competitive Teams span the ages of 5-18 years old.  The ATADC Competitive teams require 4 hours of ballet each week throughout the summer and 2 hours throughout the school year at minimum.  There will be a minimum of 2 hours of competition class during the summer and 2 hours during the school year to prepare for the upcoming season.

All competition students 7 and above are required to take at minimum 5 hours of dance each week, students 6 and under will need to speak with the studio owner.


Members of the Competition Team have made a commitment that the dance team must attend 2 hour dance conditioning class on Saturday mornings at $12/class.  This team was created for the serious dancer who wants to dedicate a large amount of time to the art of dance. Students must have a desire to grow, learn and compete.  Students will be placed on teams after tryouts.  To tryout requires a $100 commitment fee.  This is non-refundable, should the student choose to drop out for any reason.


All Rules and Requirements subject to change by the studio owner

Rules/Regs will be made public prior to try-outs


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