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Tuition/Dancer Fees

Tuition listed below is per individual student, and is charged twice during the recital season, at the beginning of each semester. (September and January)

  • 1 hour per week: $269.00

  • 2 hours per week: $499.32

  • 3 hours per week: $789.34

  • 4 hours per week: $1,064.41

  • 5 hours per week: $1,315.56

  • 6+ hours per week: $1,545.14


  1. Tuition is due TWICE per dance season (September and January). The season runs from the first day of Fall classes until our Annual Recital.

  2. ​All payments are NONREFUNDABLE.

  3. An annual registration fee of $25 will apply to each student.

  4. Payments are done online through our software provider, and will be automatically charged to the card on file on the first day of each payment period.

  5. After registering, you may make an online payment to secure your child's spot in class. If you prefer to pay by check, payment must be received before the first day of the payment period.

  6. The studio reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. If the planned enrollment requirement is not met, the class may be cancelled and the staff will work with students to find an alternate class option. Only if class on another day and time is not will a refund be possible.

  7. Account balances not fully paid within announced deadlines will be charged a monthly 5% compounding finance charge until paid. Accounts more than 60 days past due may be submitted to collection services.

  8. NSF on paper checks, auto-debit, or auto-charge payments will incur a $25 NSF fee which will be paid at the front desk along with the tuition.

  9. If a student will be dropping a class, emailed written notice must be sent to the office staff 30 days prior to departure.

Policies & Attire

At All The Above Dance Company, we value acceptance, kindness, honesty, and artistic exploration.

It is no wonder how ATA has so many successful alumni that continue to impress. Please be aware that there is a NO tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, or being unkind. All students are accepted and welcome and any unacceptable behavior will be dealt with on an individual basis.

  • We encourage students to study as many different styles as they wish as we pride our studio in being filled with dancers that can do "ALL THE ABOVE"!

  • Dancers should be in the studio and partially warmed up by the start of class. The hallway may be used as a warm-up area while dancers wait for their class to begin. 

  • Everyone is placed in a class that the faculty determines appropriate based on the student's technique, ability to retrain and apply corrections, attendance, age, and maturity.

  • If a student will be absent from class, please notify the teacher ahead of time by emailing the studio at

  • Proper dance attire is enforced for the safety of the dancer and will be followed closely by each teacher. **DRESS THE PART...BE THE PART**

  • Hair must be pulled back and out of the dancer's eyes for ALL classes. A bun is required for ballet classes.

  • Tights MUST be worn with leotards and exceptions.

  • Warm-ups are allowed for the first 15 minutes of class. In the winter we encourage students to come wearing warm-ups to prevent injury.


  • All The Above Dance Company is not responsible for cancellations due to inclement weather. Should a class be closed more than twice due to weather, the teacher will determine a makeup day and time for the class.

  • ATADC will follow the West Bend School District's decisions on precautions due to weather. However, since the weather can change dramatically from morning to night this may cause the studio to cancel evening classes despite the schools having remained open. This action will be taken before 3pm on week days for evening classes; and before 8:30am for morning and weekend classes.

  • For cancellations, please have your current email in your studio director account and follow us on social media!!

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